Wcup5, Japanese Savate Competition 2015

Here is the information of Wcup5, Savate competition in Tokyo.
If you are interested in this competition, and you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.


[Date]: 26th April 2015 (SUN) 10:00-16:00

[Place]: Ohgibashi Kaikan Hall (30mins from Ikebukuro Sta., Tokyo)

[Match]: Assaut 3R (1R 1 min 30 sec, interval 45 sec)

[Entree]: until 5th April, please contact me (norris@savate.jp)

[Qualification]: “Gant Rouge”, or recommendation of your gym

[Fee]: Free for oversea tireurs, you are welcome!

Unfortunately accommodation and transportation are not provided by event organizer.

We, Japanese savate club, will have…
some 56-65kg male fighters.
1 or 2 -70kg, -75kg male fighters.
1 or 2 48-52kg female fighters.
1 or 2 -56kg female fighters.
1 or 2 -60kg female fighters.

カテゴリー: 未分類 パーマリンク